People Hub

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People Hub

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People Hub

An interactive staff directory and org chart for SharePoint, pulling real-time data from Entra, enabling users to search and find people in your organisation

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Reliable functionality with seamless SharePoint & Microsoft integration.

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Fast, straightforward set-up process for immediate deployment and use.

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Microsoft approved SPFx solution, built on real world requirements.

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Find anyone in your organisation, fast

As your organisation grows and changes, the people within it change too. Sprocket's People Hub Web Part tracks updates, displaying current employee details, allowing for easy search, filtering and viewing reporting lines, all in SharePoint Online.

  • Visual clarity for organisation structure
  • Easy to use
  • Search and filter functionality
Screenshot of a 'People Hub' from the Sprocket 365 SharePoint website displaying an interactive staff directory. The page includes a search bar, options to view an organizational browser and chart, and a directory list. The list shows thumbnail photos, names, titles, departments, office locations, and contact information for staff members such as an Operations Manager, Head of Human Resources, General Manager, and more.
Mobile display of the 'Org Browser' feature within the People Hub of a corporate SharePoint site. The interface shows profile cards with photos and titles of employees, such as a General Manager and an Operations Manager, along with their department and office location. The Operations Manager's card is expanded to reveal contact information and an email address. The background suggests a network of connections with abstract shapes and lines, symbolizing the organizational structure.


Effortlessly navigate your organization in SharePoint

Org charts tend to get outdated quickly in evolving businesses. People Hub solves this by auto-syncing with Microsoft 365 profiles, cutting out manual updates. This keeps your organisation's directory always up to date, so the data doesn't need to be maintained separately.

  • Entra (Azure) integration
  • Microsoft 365 profiles as the data source
  • Always up-to-date


Always in sync with your growing workforce

People Hub simplifies org chart creation by utilising Microsoft 365 data and title levels to generate a clear and structured organisational layout. By incorporating vacant positions and assistant roles, People Hub creates org chart no matter the complexity of the organisation. 

  • Automatic updates from Azure (Entra)
  • View levels of management in Org Chart
  • Shows vacant positions


Sprocket vs SharePoint (out-of-the-box)

Why choose People Hub over the out-of-the-box Organisation Chart Web Part? 

Key Feature

Sprocket 365
(People Hub)

(Organisation Chart)



Custom feild display 
(Pronouns, Office Location)

Default hierarchy levels 


Microsoft Teams integration


Show vacant positions

Export to CSV

Download to PDF

Report levels shading


A swiss army knife of functionality

As a consultant, I often straddle between what clients want SharePoint to do and what it does out of the box. Sprocket 365 allows businesses to have the best of both worlds, without installing a pre-canned intranet-type solution. It's a collection of supported web parts and functionalities, useful in so many real-world scenarios.
Cameron Stewart
Microsoft 365 Consultant

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Deploy swiftly with ready-to-go Web Parts, customising your SharePoint intranet immediately and effortlessly.

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A single toolkit offering over 50 features SharePoint enhancements with one subscription, and no hidden costs.

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Our support helpdesk is on standby to assist, always ready to resolve any issues or answer your questions promptly.

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