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Knowledge Hub

Unify your knowledge with a customisable Knowledge Hub in SharePoint, creating a centralised source of truth within Microsoft 365

People Hub

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new possibilities

Simplified knowledge management

Unlock the full potential of your SharePoint platform and elevate it into a dynamic Knowledge Hub with Sprocket 365. Our seamless plug-in empowers you to effortlessly create a centralised repository of business information, transforming how knowledge is accessed and consumed in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Document Management

The ultimate central source of truth

Say goodbye to scattered documents and duplicated versions of policies. With our Knowledge Hub feature, you can store, manage, and display published policies, procedures, and other vital reference materials all in one secure location. Experience easy accessibility with complete version control and auditability, giving you a streamlined and document management system.

Document converters

Transform your existing documentation

Harness the full potential of SharePoint by converting your existing content from Word Documents into valuable knowledge base articles. Our intuitive tools enable you to create rich, engaging pages that capture essential information, complete with quick links, tables of contents, key contacts and links to related resources.

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Reading Lists

Trackable and powerful compliance

Take control of compliance and policy adherence with the powerful Reading Lists feature in our Knowledge Hub. With this robust tool, site administrators and users can effectively manage and report on the list of pages to be read.

Improve compliance, mitigate risks and foster a culture of knowledge engagement with the Sprocket 365 Knowledge Hub.

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It only takes a few minutes to install. Centralise your knowledge and transform how information is accessed in Microsoft 365. 

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Small features that make a difference

Build an out-of-the-box knowledge base on Microsoft 365 with a robust suite of pre-built tools and features.

Tree hierarchical navigation

Effortlessly organise and navigate your content with intuitive drag and drop tree hierarchy functionality.

Navigation Search

Quickly find what you need with powerful search capabilities within the navigation interface of the Knowledge base.

Read Lists

Empower users to review policies and enable admins to effortlessly track content engagement.

Document Converters

Seamlessly convert Word documents into SharePoint pages or PDFs, which can be updated at anytime.

Table of Contents

Easily navigate through lengthy pages using a convenient and user-friendly table of contents.

Information Protection

Protect your IP with the option to prevent printing and copying and pasting of content directly from SharePoint.

Sprocket blew our minds. We moved from out of the box SharePoint web parts to Sprocket’s customisable, useful and beautiful web parts which have enriched our organisation’s intranet experience.
Penny FitzGerald
Executive Assistant - CVGT Employment

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