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Supercharge your content integration with Sprocket 365 Embed for SharePoint, going above and beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities

Elevate your content embedding capabilities

Take your content embedding capabilities to the next level with Sprocket 365 Embed. Gone are the days of being restricted to iframes only. With Sprocket 365 Embed, you can now input custom content, including a div or custom CSS, surpassing the limitations of the out-of-the-box Embed Web Part in SharePoint.

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use the hero web part - sharepoint online hero web part

More flexibility and customisation

Imagine having an external recruitment platform where you list your job openings. Instead of duplicating the listings in a SharePoint list, Sprocket 365 Embed empowers you to effortlessly embed the platform directly into your website or SharePoint environment. Whether it's job listings, dynamic content, or any other custom elements, our solution provides the flexibility you need.

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