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Stylized icon of a three-tiered accordion menu, representing Sprocket 365's Accordion Web Part for creating expandable FAQ sections in SharePoint Online.


Easily create expandable and collapsible FAQ lists in SharePoint with Accordion by Sprocket 365, helping you quickly organise content and streamline user navigation.

Trusted Web Part

Stable, reliable functionality with seamless SharePoint integration.

Quick Installation

Fast, straightforward setup process for immediate deployment and use.

Flexible Customisation

Manual setup or integration into SharePoint lists, with rich text.

Help Desk Support

Accessible support available around the clock for troubleshooting.

Simplified and organised site pages

Design SharePoint pages that are easy to navigate, presenting information that is digestible with minimal clicks. This Web Part makes it simple for users to find what they need quickly and efficiently in an accordion format.

  • Collapsible and expandable items
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Customisable user interface design
Interface of SharePoint FAQ Web Part on a desktop screen, showing the Accordion - Sprocket 365 web part with steps on how to edit the page, add the web part, and configure settings for a streamlined content organization
Screenshot of SharePoint Online on a mobile device displaying the Accordion Web Part with options to customize site theme and integrate Microsoft Teams, demonstrating the expand and collapse FAQ feature.

Interactive click-to-discover content

Make your SharePoint sites more dynamic and engaging. Go beyond the standard question and answer with rich text customisation and buttons for users to share content, copying to their clipboard or via email. 

  • Rich text supported for hyperlinks, bullet points, tables and general formatting
  • Fully responsive
  • Optional 'copy to clipboard’ button

Quick and simple customisation

Quickly add accordions to your SharePoint workspace in minutes. Choose between manual set-up directly in the Web Part or further customisation through SharePoint lists, featuring rich text and reusable options.

  • Direct Web Part configuration
  • Reusable content options
  • Easy content management
SharePoint Online desktop view highlighting a dropdown FAQ Web Part for 'Frequently Asked Questions' within the Electrician department's intranet page, showcasing the ability to expand and collapse individual questions for efficient information access.

Key Features

Accordion Features



Use within 'Full-Content' section or choose how large you want the accordion to be (rather than full width of the page)

Web Part Configuration

Directly write content and create accordions manually within the Web Part settings.

Formatting Options

Specify behaviors of expand and collapse. Allow multiple expanded at once. Default with first item expanded.

Rich Text

Ability to support rich text such as hyperlinks, dot points,
tables and general formatting.


Ability to easily define ordering and make items
inactive vs active.

Reusable Content

Configure content in a SharePoint list, which allows you to query lists from other sites and reuse content.

Device Responsive

Accessible and consistently formatted, whether viewed on desktop, mobile, or tablet.  

Copy to clipboard button

Optional button that allows users to easily copy content to their clipboard, facilitating content sharing.

Email share button

Optional email share button which allows users to send accordion content via Outlook. 

Supported SharePoint Versions

SharePoint Online


A swiss army knife of functionality

As a consultant, I often straddle between what clients want SharePoint to do and what it does out of the box. Sprocket 365 allows businesses to have the best of both worlds, without installing a pre-canned intranet-type solution. It's a collection of supported web parts and functionalities, useful in so many real-world scenarios.
Cameron Stewart
Microsoft 365 Consultant


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An accordion is a collapsible interface element used to expand and collapse content, making it ideal for FAQs. It allows users to quickly access specific information by clicking on headings to reveal detailed answers, keeping the page organised and user-friendly.

Accordions efficiently manage extensive content on webpages, offering a compact, user-friendly solution, particularly for mobile users. They enhance user engagement through interactive exploration and streamline information delivery, allowing for quick, specific queries. This format also improves the professional appearance of SharePoint pages, helping how users navigate pages and lengthy content.

The Accordion Web Part by Sprocket 365 is a simple tool to make your SharePoint pages easy to digest. Perfect for FAQs or organising lengthy site content, it lets you create sections that visitors can expand or collapse with a simple click. Add content easily, either manually within the display settings or through SharePoint lists, for greater text customisation and reusable content. 

Easy to use and install, this Web Part offers enhanced customisation for your sections and lists, making SharePoint pages accessible, engaging and user-friendly in minutes. 

Read our detailed guide here. 

To create a FAQ page on SharePoint with the Accordion Web Part, simply add the Web Part to your page, input your questions and answers, and customise the display settings for a collapsible and expandable user experience.

For detailed set-up instructions, visit our complete guide here.

Yes, you can add the same accordion to multiple site pages by utilising a SharePoint list as the data source for your Accordion Web Part. This approach offers flexibility and reusability of content across your SharePoint site.

Sprocket 365 is available for a 14-day free trial to all Microsoft users. Download it from the Microsoft AppSource store and experience the tools first-hand.

Once you sign up via the Microsoft Store, you can try the Accordion Web Part, as well as the other Web Parts that come as part of the Sprocket 365 subscription.

The pricing for the Accordion Web Part varies based on the number of user licenses and payment frequency (monthly or annually). The subscription fee is calculated based on your selections, you can find this information on our pricing page.

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