People Hub

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Knowledge Base

Streamline policy management and knowledge sharing with tools from Sprocket 365’s bnowledge base, designed for SharePoint Online

Built for SharePoint

Stable, reliable functionality with seamless SharePoint integration.

Quick Installation

Fast, straightforward setup process for immediate deployment and use.

Flexible Customisation

Manual setup or integration into SharePoint lists, with rich text.

Help Desk Support

Accessible support available around the clock for troubleshooting.

People Hub

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Knowledge in SharePoint, made easy

Sprocket 365 tools enable you to create a knowledge hub within SharePoint, adding intelligent features to your existing sites. Outline policies, document procedures, onboard new team members and share knowledge securely.

  • Drag and drop tree hierarchical navigation
  • Wiki style menu
  • Navigation search
the list properties web part - view properties in sharepoint list

Centralise policies, right where users need them.

Effortlessly create and share policies directly within SharePoint, placing essential information at users’ fingertips. With Sprocket 365, centralise your organisation's collective knowledge in one accessible location – SharePoint, where your content already live! 

  • Compliance and auditing of pages
  • Copy Link, Print Page, Download PDF

Convert exiting word documents to pages

Don't start from scratch. Convert documents into a valuable knowledge base with Sprocket 365. Effortlessly create rich, engaging pages while retaining all content, formatting, and style from your existing word documents – it's seamless!

  • Word conversion to Page and PDF
  • Copy Link, Print Page, Download PDF
  • Microsoft Teams integration
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Trackable user compliance

Manage compliance and policy easily with Sprocket 365's Reading Lists. Site admins and users can track and report required reading effortlessly. Boost compliance, reduce risk, and encourage learning with the Sprocket 365 knowledge management tools.

  • Create and manage Reading Lists
  • Read checklists - 'Mark page as Read'
  • Track assignment compliance


A swiss army knife of functionality

As a consultant, I often straddle between what clients want SharePoint to do and what it does out of the box. Sprocket 365 allows businesses to have the best of both worlds, without installing a pre-canned intranet-type solution. It's a collection of supported web parts and functionalities, useful in so many real-world scenarios.
Cameron Stewart
Microsoft 365 Consultant

skyrocket sharepoint

A Few Reasons To Try Sprocket 365

Sprocket 365 enhances SharePoint without changing it. 

Seamless Integration

Reliable knowledge management tools that are robust, validated and built for SharePoint Online integration.

Affordable Customisation

Achieve cost-efficient SharePoint customisation without the need for expensive deployments or resources.

Swift Deployment

Deploy swiftly with ready-to-go Web Parts, customising your SharePoint intranet immediately and effortlessly.

50+ Features, One Solution

A single toolkit offering over 50 features SharePoint enhancements with one subscription, and no hidden costs.

Constant Enhancements

Enjoy continual improvements with regular product releases, keeping your digital workplace up-to-date.

Helpdesk Support

Our support helpdesk is on standby to assist, always ready to resolve any issues or answer your questions promptly.

supporting hundreds of SharePoint workplaces

Get started with Sprocket 365

Try the rocket fuel for SharePoint. Download it from the Microsoft AppSource store and experience the tools first-hand. Get started today!

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