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Installing Sprocket via uploading files using the App Catalog

This article describes the process of installing Sprocket on your tenants.


YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST: Start a free trial from

Once you create an account, follow the below steps to complete the installation. Installation files are available for download from the Website.


  • Start a free trial from
  • A global admin or SharePoint admin is capable of installing the application.
  • The application's features function through APIs, and global admins have the authority to enable these APIs.

This article describes the installation of Sprocket to your entire Microsoft 365 tenant, so that Sprocket is available in all your sites. If you prefer, you can deploy the cab file to a single Site Collection App Catalog, so that Sprocket is available only in that site.

For more information, see Installing on individual Site.

Installation Steps

To install Sprocket 365, you must upload the cab file into the SharePoint App Catalog.

Downloading Sprocket installation files

Log into your Sprocket Dashboard using your work Microsoft credentials.

  1. Click the Sprocket 365 link to download the cab file.

    Sprocket Dashboard

  2. Log in to your SharePoint admin centre using Microsoft credentials.

    Your SharePoint Admin Center Home page is displayed.

  3. Click the Navigation Menu on the left and from options, select More features.

    The More features page, that displays the features from the classic SharePoint admin center, is displayed.

  4. On the More features page, under Apps section, click Open:

    App Catalog

    The Manage apps page is displayed. This page is your document library that displays the apps available in your tenants. From here, you can upload, enable, and manage your apps.

  1. On the Manage apps page, click Upload and locate the previously-downloaded file. Select the file from the downloaded location and click Open.

    The Sprocket 365 app is uploaded and the Enable app pop-up is displayed.

  2. On the pop-up, click Enable App to enable the Sprocket 365 app that you are uploading:

    App Catalog

    The Approve Access pop-up is displayed.

  3. On the pop-up, click Goto API access page option to approve the API access permission. The API access page is displayed in a new browser tab.

    On this page, the API name column displays Pending requests under the Organization-wide section.

Approving the Uploaded Package in the Apps

  1. Select a package and on the top, click Approve.

    App Catalog

    The Approve access pop-up is displayed.

  2. On the pop-up, click Approve.

  3. Repeat the steps for all the pending requests.

Once completed, all the approved packages are displayed in the API name column under Approved requests in the Organization-wide section.

Congratulations!, you have now installed Sprocket. Once installed you can see your Sprocket web parts when editing a SharePoint page. You will also see the Sprocket Settings icon in the bottom left corner of every page.


After the installation, it may take up to 10 minutes to see the Sprocket icon on your SharePoint site, due to SharePoint's caching techniques.