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Image Carousel

The highly customisable SharePoint image slider that enables size, speed, order adjustments, and easy hyperlinking to chosen content for enhanced site promotion

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Trusted Web Part

Stable, reliable functionality with seamless SharePoint integration.

Quick Installation

Fast, straightforward setup process for immediate deployment and use.

Flexible Customisation

Manual setup or integration into SharePoint lists, with rich text.

Help Desk Support

Accessible support available around the clock for troubleshooting.

Go beyond the standard SharePoint image gallery

With Sprocket 365's Image Carousel, customise every aspect of your image showcase. Whether it's resizing images to fit your site's layout, adjusting the speed of image transitions to keep your audience engaged, or choosing the right images and their sequence, you have total control.  

A mobile view of a Sprocket 365 Image Carousel in action, featuring a prominent image of an electrician looking at a device with the caption "Electrician Safety Webinar - Register Now." This demonstrates the Image Carousel's responsive design and functionality on a smartphone, ensuring that important business information and visual content are engagingly presented for mobile users.

Schedule updates with publish and expiry settings

With the ability to set content publish and expiry dates, automate image updates in SharePoint. The Sprocket 365 Image Carousel allows you to schedule updates, reducing the need for manual content management. This means your carousel content stays fresh and relevant!

Hyperlinks for each carousel image

With Sprocket 365, every carousel image can link to specific SharePoint pages or external sites. This handy feature, not available in standard SharePoint, improves navigation and engagement by connecting users directly to important content or resources. 

A screenshot of the Sprocket 365 interface on SharePoint Online showcasing the Image Carousel feature. The screen displays a grid of thumbnail images labeled with file names indicating a user-friendly interface for organizing and selecting images for the carousel. There are options for editing, sharing, and managing the banner images. Additional fields for PublishDate, ExpiryDate, Location, OpenInNewWindow, SortOrder, and Image Tags are visible, highlighting the carousel's customizability.


Sprocket vs SharePoint (out-of-the-box)

Why choose the Image Carousel over the out-of-the-box Image Gallery Web Part? 

Key Feature

Sprocket 365
(Image Carousel)

(Image Gallery)

Image hyperlinks

Adjust image height

Publish and expiry dates

Overlay titles and captions
(on each image)

Rich text captions

Open in new window

Sort order

Dot indicators 

Select document library (image library) from any site as the source


A swiss army knife of functionality

As a consultant, I often straddle between what clients want SharePoint to do and what it does out of the box. Sprocket 365 allows businesses to have the best of both worlds, without installing a pre-canned intranet-type solution. It's a collection of supported web parts and functionalities, useful in so many real-world scenarios.
Cameron Stewart
Microsoft 365 Consultant

supporting hundreds of SharePoint workplaces

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