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extension what’s possible in SharePoint
30+ Web Parts & Add-ons

30+ Web Parts & Add-ons

A growing library of unique Web Parts to extend what's possible in SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

All-In-One Toolkit

All-In-One Toolkit

Find all the tools you need to create digital workplaces in one place. Stop wasting time searching for solutions.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Continue to use the platforms you rely on, blending in effortlessly with your trusted Microsoft apps suite.

Non-Stop Updates

Non-Stop Updates

Frequent updates give you access to new Web Parts, change-gaming features, enhancements and fixes.

Build digital workplaces like never before

Microsoft professionals are leveraging Sprocket 365 to enhance their digital workplace capabilities with SharePoint.

More flexbility

Customise your digital workplace on SharePoint to your exact specifications, with extra Web Parts that transform what's possible in Microsoft 365.


Create professional-looking workplaces in hours, without any custom development. Save time and effort with our ready-to-use Web Parts and smart features.

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Simplify maintenance and reduce IT costs

No more custom development or wasted time building solutions from scratch. Sprocket 365 gives a powerful package of ready-made tools.


Enhance your digital workplaces on SharePoint without expensive custom development, by using SPFx built Web Parts, reducing your overall IT costs.

Non-stop updates

Effortlessly maintain your digital workplaces on SharePoint with our non-stop enhancements. We'll take care of all the technical maintenance behind the scenes.


A swiss army knife of functionality

As a consultant, I often straddle between what clients want SharePoint to do and what it does out of the box. Sprocket 365 allows businesses to have the best of both worlds, without installing a pre-canned intranet-type solution. It's a collection of supported web parts and functionalities, useful in so many real-world scenarios.
Cameron Stewart
Microsoft 365 Consultant

supporting thousands of digital workplaces

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