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Resetting Your Sprocket Licenses

Sprocket licenses are consumed by every unique user who loads a Sprocket web part. If you have utilised all of your licenses you, a user may receive an error as below. Read more about licensing.

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A common example of this occurring is due to employees leaving and starting at a company. Each employee at a company is assigned a unique Sprocket license. If that employee leaves the company, the unique Sprocket license is still “assigned” to them although they are no longer an active user. When a new employee starts, they are also assigned a unique Sprocket license. This can occasionally result in the number of licenses in the Sprocket license pool being exceeded. This can be resolved by resetting the Sprocket license pool count.

Step 1:

Navigate to and sign in with your business login.


Note: Only Admins of the Sprocket Portal can complete the following steps. Please contact Sprocket at [email protected] if you require assistance.

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Licensing section at the bottom. Select the “Reset License Count” button which will reset your used licenses back to zero.


This is a short-term fix. If you need to reset your license count regularly, you will need to purchase additional licenses.