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Convert Word Document


Configurations in this section can only be performed with advanced permissions. Ensure that you have full permissions to the site.


Convert Word Document feature empowers both site administrators and users to effortlessly convert their Word documents into site pages or PDF format. This functionality can be accessed by navigating to the document library and selecting the desired Word document file. Once a document is selected, a Convert Document ( ) command button will appear in the toolbar section.

When the Convert Document command button is clicked, a pop-up window will open, presenting with options to choose the desired conversion format, site page or PDF. You can then make selection and initiate the conversion process within the pop-up window.

Document Converter


  1. Word Document conversion to PDF
  2. Word Document conversion to Page

To enable the Document to Page and PDF Conversion feature, navigate to the Sprocket Knowledge Hub section in the configuration pop-up of the Sprocket.

How to convert word document

Perform the following procedure to convert word document:


Option 1:

  1. Select the Word document file from the document library.

  2. Click the Convert Document ( ) command button located in the toolbar section.

Option 2:

  1. Right-click on the Word document file.

  2. Choose the Convert Document ( ) command button from the pop-up menu.

Follow these steps to complete the conversion process:


  1. Enable the desired conversion format by selecting either Convert to Page, Convert to PDF, or both options.


    If both options are enabled, a link to the PDF file will be automatically added to the KHPDF field in the Page details, allowing users to download the converted page as a PDF. For more information about the KHPDF field, refer to Advanced Features of the Knowledge Hub.

  2. If Convert to Page is enabled, select the desired page template from the dropdown menu to convert the document to.


    By default, the Blank page template is used. Pre-configured templates are sourced from the templates folder within the Site pages library.


    If a page with the same name already exists, newly converted page will override the existing one. A warning message will be displayed in such cases.

  3. If Convert to PDF is enabled, choose the destination folder from the dropdown menu where you want to store the converted PDF file.


    If a PDF with the same name already exists, it will be replaced by the newly converted PDF file.

  4. Click the Convert Document button located in the bottom right corner to initiate the conversion process.


You can configure the conversion process with the following options:

Convert to PageTurn on to convert word document to Page.
TemplateSelect the desired page template to generate page from.
Convert to PDFTurn on to convert word document to PDF.
PDF destinationChoose the destination folder where the converted PDF file will be stored.