Finally, create a robust knowledge base in SharePoint

The Sprocket 365 Sharepoint App gives you all the extra functionality within Sharepoint including:

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The Problem

SharePoint wasn’t built for creating knowledge bases and lacks the features needed.

The Solution

We fill in the gaps of Sharepoint so you can build a knowledge base in the software your teams are already using.

Create wiki style menus

Set up a table of contents tree navigation with drag and drop functionality to organize the information in a logical way so that it’s fast and easy for your teams to find what they are looking for.

Assign and Track Required Reading

Create Reading Lists so company-wide knowledge, onboarding materials, policies, compliance docs, and SOPs can be assigned to teams or individuals and track whether it has been read to improve your compliance for critical information on your teams.

Ultimate Page Customization

With over 30 page add-ons,you can completely customize the content on each individual page with unique layouts, design, and functions to increase engagement and allow you to customize their spaces.

Navigational Search

Easily navigate between pages and to find the exact page you are looking for with tools for quick search and navigation.

Document Converter

Allow document creators to draft and update the document in Word, while it will automatically update the associated Sharepoint page.

Embedded Notes

Add callouts on a page and draw the readers focus to specific sections like Important Info, Error Messages, Updates, and Warnings.

Custom Branding

Add your logo as a custom SharePoint favicon, custom fonts, and brand colors to any page.

Process Diagram

Create process diagrams on Sharepoint pages to add a visual representation of complex processes.

Expanding Content

Create menus and toggle content to expand underneath for a cleaner page organization and reading experience.